Application for Undergraduate Programs of Macau University of Science and Technology (Academic Year 2021/2022)
Target Students Online Application Period Ways of Admission
Recommended Students from high schools of Macau 2020/10/7-20 Recommended Admission
All Students (except for Mainland China Students) 2021/1/5-20 Admission through Written Examination (Joint Admission Examination (JAE))
Local students who are qualified for direct admission; International students, Hong Kong students and Taiwan students 2021/1/22-4/20(Main round)
2021/6/16-7/22(Extended round)
Direct Admission
Mainland China students who are qualified for direct admission 2021/1/22-4/20 Direct Admission (Students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in other tertiary institutions in Macau)
MUST Pre-University Studies Students 2021/1/22-2/5 N/A
Mainland China students who are taking the National College Examination in 2021, please click here to register 2021/1/22-3/5 (For applicants of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Art Candidates, Sports and Arts Elite Students)
Direct Admission (Students who take the National College Examination this year)
Mainland China students with International Qualification 2021/6/1-7/22 Direct Admission (Mainland China Student with International Qualification)
  1. Mainland China Students currently studying in Hong Kong with temporary Hong Kong Identification card are not eligible for admission.
  2. Holders of Macau SAR Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card are fully responsible on their own for all the consequences resulting from the change of their resident status during the study period.

Please pay attention to the notifications which will be sent via e-mail or SMS by the University in the following stages, details can be checked from the "Important Dates" (refer to theUniversity Website > Admission > Undergraduate Programs > Application):
1. Account created successfully 5. Announcement of admission results
2. Online application submitted successfully 6. Issuance of acceptance package
3. Online application confirmed successfully 7. One month before registration
4. Issuance of Examination Permit*  
*not applicable to MUST Pre-University Studies Students.

Application will only be valid with the completion of Step 1 to 3 within the application period and other procedures within the specified period accordingly.
Step 1
Step 2 Submit Online Application
  • New user, please click here
  • Registered user, please click here
Step 3 Pay the Application Fee
Step 4 Upload Payment Documents
  • Applicants who pay the application fee at the Accounts Office Service Counter, Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU), or via Online Payment Gateway will NOT be required to upload the receipt to the OAS. Applicants who use other payments method will be required to upload payment receipts (e.g. Application for Funds Transfers) for verification.
Step 5 Receive application number
  • After the completion of relevant procedures, the application number (Format: 2109AP□□-B□□□□) will be assigned within two weeks. You can check it via the OAS>Personal Info page.
  • Applicants who receive application number indicates his/her application has been accepted. Please provide your application number in all the correspondences.
Step 6 Check for Admission Results
  • The admission results will be announced via OAS. All applicants will be notified by e-mail informing them to check the admission results on the OAS. Please pay attention to the notices on MUST website for details about the announcement.
Step 7 Issuance of Acceptance Letter, Tuition Fee Debit Note and relevant documents
  • Applicants can download the Acceptance letter, Debit Note for tuition fee and other acceptance documents from the OAS after receiving the e-mail notice sent by the University. Applicants recommended by high schools in Macau will get the acceptance materials by e-mail.
  • Documents will not be sent by post.
Step 8 Complete the Online Confirmation Procedures for Admission
  • Accepted students are required to login to the OAS to complete the Online Confirmation Procedures for Admission. Students who fail to complete such procedures before the deadline will be deemed as not accepting the offer of admission.

Remarks: E-mails sent from the Online Application System may fail to reach the applicants, please check regularly the posts on OAS and the University website.

Other functions

Print the application form

Applicants who have successfully submitted the application can print the application form from the OAS for record.

Change of application information

■  Applicants who are qualified for Direct Admission / qualified for Direct Admission (Students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in other tertiary institutions in Macao): you are not allowed to change the personal data or choices after the online application have been submitted.

■  Others Applicants: you are not allowed to change the personal data or choices after the application period. You can login the OAS to change the personal data as well as the files uploaded before the application deadline.

Print the notification for interview

Print the JAE/MUST Admission Examination Permit

For any enquiries, please contact related departments directly. For applicants who have created an account in the Online Application System (OAS), please provide your name and the username (B21□□□□□) or application number (2109AP□□-B□□□□) of OAS in all the correspondences.

Department For Enquiring Contact No. E-mail
Academic Registry Admission and Registration (853) 8897-2228
ITD Office System Malfunction (853) 8897-2080
Accounts Office Payment (853) 8897-2298